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Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, Gogotech is an online retail group operating multiple websites and developing unique creative content. Our sites record 30 million unique visitors and generate well over $100mm of revenue annually. Over 60 major brands are available on our flagship site, FactoryOutletStore.com, including products ranging from Telecommunications and GPS to Fitness, Personal Care and Pet Supplies. With almost 150,000 orders a month and an industry-leading record of 99%+ on-time shipping, Gogotech is a next-generation e-commerce company serving shoppers nationwide.



• 150,000+ orders a month
• $100+ Million of revenue
• 99% on-time shipping
• 99.8% issue-free orders



We are proud to be working with over 60 major brands recognized around the world including Panasonic, Oral-B, Motorola, TomTom and many more.



We have fully-integrated marketing, purchasing, design, content, web analytics, IT, call center and logistics teams -- all in-house.



At Gogotech, we're always looking for talented individuals with the passion and determination to succeed.
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Keep Your Customer Focused on Your Products.

Customers looking for your products should buy your products...not your competitors.

From ideation to user experience and visual design, our digital team brings the web-based product platform to life.

The result is a store that provides consumers and small-to-medium businesses with a central location for product information and to purchase your products across multiple platforms. And with our 24/7 Call Center, we're always here to take the call.



Ritesh Chaturbedi

Chief Executive Officer


Tido Meyerhoff

Chief Operating Officer and
Chief Financial Officer


Len Yampolsky

Chief Digital Officer


Nathaniel Long

VP of Merchandising


Winston Shih

VP Operations and
Customer Experience


Daniel McLaren

Sr. Director -
Customer Sales and Service


Jackie See

Admin and HR


Chaitali Thakkar




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1407 Broadway, Seventh Fl
New York, NY 10018

(212) 386-7193

1407 Broadway, Seventh Fl
New York, NY 10018
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